TPC Vending Services

In TPC NetGrup work to provide value added services that contribute to

your business achieve the goals you have set. We can help your

company more competitive, more prepared to face future challenges

that awaits us new technologies, the global economy, legislation and taxation

the European Union.

These are the services we offer:

> Brokerage, Valuation and Auditing Business Acquisition Process

> Market Research

> Selection of Staff

> Training of Personnel. Technicians, Sales, Middle Managers, Managers, etc.

> Specific courses on management of routes, Quality Circles, Communication

Telemarketing for OCS and Vending.

> Internal organization of companies, manuals and Welcome

Procedures, Operational Audits.

> Adaptation to new technologies

> Adaptation to existing legislation:



– Health Registry

– Food Handler

– Occupational Health and Safety

Our customers are:

Machine operators, Bottlers, Manufacturers of products

specific to the vending machines and equipment manufacturers

complementary and Manufacturers of consumer products.